The goal of this website/blog is to ‘Provide Solutions for Your Spiritual and Political Concerns’. We read and hear daily of all the problems America has and what our elected representatives are doing wrong; but how do ‘we’ get through a day without going crazy, especially when almost all that is going on politically leads to the destruction of America? This is why this blog/website was created.

As this is a website/blog highlighting ‘spiritual’ principles and views, you may not like what is said; there will not be any political correctness to our insight. In the last 100 years, religion and spirituality have been relentlessly attacked and the overall body has bought into the belief that it is wrong to bring up God as a solution. The Blessed Mother Mary has said that America has been doing it on their own without God’s help and look where that has lead us – to the loss of an incredible amount of liberties and division.

You are welcome to send your insight regarding solutions for our spiritual and political concerns. Your post may or not be posted but it will add insight over time; if your material is posted, your name will be mentioned.

My goal is to help you be able to live a day in hope for yourself, family and America. If more and more of us are united with prayer, work, and an attitude of victory; we will win. Now to leading and organizing the ‘silent’ majority back to America’s Constitutional and spiritual roots… Welcome.






Since I’m not a career politician I haven’t spent my career “rubbing elbows” with millionaires and billionaires that have nothing better to do than to create PAC’s and Super PAC’s to buy their “brand” of politician. Our campaign has not taken any of this money because I don’t want to be in anyone’s “pocket”. In… Read More

Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Pat Flynn, said today “It is pathetic the way America’s attitude and lack of action are regarding our energy situation today.  America’s oil resources are so abundant that there is absolutely no way Americans should buy into the garble when President Obama says ‘there is no simple or easy solution out… Read More

I have been involved in the health insurance industry for 30 years, or since I was 23 years old.  During this time I have seen much, but one thing is consistent – the Federal Government has been getting more and more involved; and like President Ronald Reagan said: Government is the problem, not the solution!… Read More