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The name of this website is Pat Flynn for Liberty. Liberty means the condition of being free from restriction or control. America was founded on the principle of liberty or freedom. Our founders were tired of being minions of the British and their restrictions demanded on us - as individuals, families and communities; so they declared independence from the British Empire and created America: the land of the free and home of the brave.

Having run my own business in insurance and investments for 29 years, one can’t help but be appalled with the way our liberties are being taken away from us daily. When I first started working in insurance, a Long-Term Care application was four pages, and I would write anywhere from 4-6 of these on a good day. Today an application is forty pages and it may take 1-2 days to prepare for the sale because of all the regulatory hurdles. These regulations increase the cost of the insurance substantially; which means less people can afford it; which means less people benefit from being covered by long-term care coverage; which means more people lose their wealth to a long-term care stay; which means more people go on Medicaid (welfare); which means we all lose more of our freedom, not mentioning the fact of how production is lessened.

Look at Obamacare – it has nothing to do with lowering the cost of coverage, which is does not, and is everything about control over our health care decisions and lives.

If one looks at about any industry today in America (auto, cell phones, meat-packing, seed companies, gas stations, health insurance companies etc.), there are usually only 2-4 big players left who control the whole industry; these companies love new regulations because they guarantee new players can not afford to enter the industry.

Case in point: I had to actually let my investment license expire before I could go into the writing/speaking business because of the SEC regulations in place; this, my friends, is not liberty!

America’s debt (graph) could be the death of our country if we are not prepared spiritually and politically, as individuals and a state. What goes straight up will ultimately come down just as fast! This is unsustainable and will create a HUGE problem for America sometime in the future.  It is obvious that the elite Establishment wants this to happen; President Obama is the perfect pawn for their desires. This
Establishment must be eliminated; they have wreaked havoc on the world now for the last 150 years! America has major concerns and unless the American people demand a change in our monetary system (Federal Reserve & Central Banks), we are in serious trouble!      John Adams, 1826 – There are two ways to conquer & enslave a nation – One is by the sword; the other is by debt.”

And lastly, my byline: Providing Solutions for Your Spiritual and Political Concerns, is not what we are used to hearing. It is usually all spiritual or all political; and just political has not worked. The only way America is going to get through in what lies ahead of us is by the grace of God. The solutions presented here will be about prayer, fasting, reconciliation, returning America to its Constitutional principles and values, work, hope, unity, and living each day as our last.


Pat Flynn, born 1/03/59, grew up in small town rural Nebraska; he comes from a family of seven. In his younger years his jobs were detasseling, irrigating, working cattle, hog confinements (8 years); until he graduated from University of Nebraska – Lincoln, with a Bachelors of Science degree in Ag Economics in 1981. In 1982 he started an insurance business and later became an Investment Adviser. He ran this successful business for 29 years.

In his later teens and twenties, Pat’s life was not always exemplary. He had encounters with the law regarding alcohol and marijuana; thankfully the law won regarding these situations. With the grace of God and a recovery program, Pat has been able to overcome this adversity and has been able to help effect change in other’s lives. He is not proud of this part of his past but has taken full responsibility for his actions and understands the concerns and challenges of many others in our society with these same issues.

Pat helped start and lead a volunteer, high school youth ministry program in his hometown of Schuyler for 13 years during his 30s and 40s. During these years this program was one of the most prolific in the state. In 2004, this program received one of ten ‘Above and Beyond’ awards granted throughout the world from the national program. From this experience, Pat learned that leading with truth is what really counts in life and is the only way to build organizations that will have lasting strength.

Pat ran for United States Senate in 2008 and 2012. Pat learned an incredible amount about America’s history and the problems we face during these five years on the campaign trail. He believes that America needs true leadership from the people, rather than career politicians; we need warriors, not wimps, who are willing to die for their beliefs and country.



 I have a friend who continually asks me: What are we going to do about the predicament America is in regarding losing our liberties and country? This guy gets it. It gets tiring in hearing and reading about all the problems our country has – problems, problems, problems. This website/blog will address the solutions to our problems and what we as individuals and groups can do about these issues today.

So how do ‘we’ win this war we are in today? We have to change our attitudes and actions and become the greatest generation ever. How do we become the greatest generation ever?

  1. Prayer
    • When America declared her independence from the British Empire in 1776, our first Commander-in-Chief, General George Washington, called for prayer, fasting and humble supplication to the Lord for His continued blessings.
    • The Patron Saint of America – The Blessed Virgin Mary said this at her monthly message in Medjugorje, March 23, 1992: I have come to you to help you, and therefore, I invite you to change your life because you have taken a path of misery, a path of ruin. When I told you ‘Convert, pray, fast, and be reconciled,’ you took these messages superficially.
    • Same message; different source.
  1. We have to have a Constitutional Revolution by electing representatives who will lead us back to our Constitutional roots. These elected representatives need to be willing to die for their country; and we need to be willing to follow them in their efforts to defend and prosper the Constitution.
  2. We need to become a virtuous man and virtuous nation. Virtue means the quality of moral excellence, righteousness and responsibility.
  3. Unite – We, as a people, who are like-minded Americans, need to unite as a force with the above; and get others to do the same.